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The brand was created with the idea of realizing the "Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin."

Introduction of Research Center

Main Material 1 : Golden Cocoon

Birth of the Golden Silkworm
Common silkworm
Golden silkworm
  • Golden silkworm is called Cheonjong, which existed in the natural environment in the past.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry is conducting research and development for the mass distribution of Golden Silkworm at the Korean Silkworm Center.
  • The development method produces a large amount of golden cocoons through bleeding of silkworms which make golden cocoons.
  • The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has set up an RIS business group at Chungbuk National University to actively pursue research on the commercialization of golden silkworms.
The efficacy of Golden silkworm extract
  1. 100& Natural Compound Protein Raw Materials
  2. Helps improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles
  3. Rare species produced in Korea, patent materials
  4. NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) Skin-friendly
  5. Unique Gold Color, Korean Production
  6. Joint Development with RIS Business Group of Chungbuk National University
  7. Composed of 75% fibroin plus 25% sericin

Main Material 2 : Defined Cell Culture Media 4

Efficacy of Defined Cell Culture Media 4

Defined Cell Culture Media 4

  • Mineral

    Same composition and proportion as skin tissue (12 types)

  • Amino acid

    Essential human amino acids (20 kinds)

  • Energy source

    Glucose, pyruvate (2 types)

  • Vitamin

    Compound Vitamin (8 Types)

  • Essential fatty acid

    Human essential fatty acids (two types)

  • Endotoxin-free
    Nontoxic super-pure purified


  1. 1. Compound composition of cosmetics listed as a single item in the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary

    Registered as Defined Cell Culture Media 4 (Mono ID: 26849)

    Registration Date: 2012.26. (PCPC File Number: 23796)

  2. 2. It is registered as Defined Cell Culture Media 4 in the Korea Cosmetics Material Book
  3. 3. Patents: Methods for culture of skin stem cells and composition for improving skin condition by using them

    Application number: 10-2011-0128283

Components of Defined Cell Culture Media 4
Collagen fiber of dermis (collagen)
  • Negative control group
  • DCCM4
Elastic fiber of dermis
  • Negative control group
  • DCCM4

Golden Cocoon Mask Pack activates fibrous cells in the dermis to promote the synthesis of collagen fibres and elastine fibers, thus improving the elasticity of the skin, preventing and improving wrinkles, and keeping the thickness of the epidermis to show a bright skin tone.